Cobble is a cloud based system accessable through any web browser, so you don’t need to buy or download any software onto your computer, and you can access it from any web connected device, although the complexity of data does not lend itself to smart phone or small tablet use.

Data is stored in a secure and backed up online SQL database, so no damage to or loss of your equipment will result in information being lost.

An organisation can have any number of users, with different levels of access from full administrators to simple users who can be limited to type of jobs and specific information. Levels of access can be tailored to meet indiviual organisational requirements.

Individual tasks, or jobs, are created in a simple text language. These can either be written or edited by suitably authorised users, or SwanMS can write new jobs for you quickly and cheaply. A list of jobs created for a Soft Play Business includes:

  • Party
    • Book Party
    • Party Payment
    • View Party Details
    • Cancel a Party
    • Count Party Supplies
    • Edit Party Details
    • Outstanding Balance
    • Email Party Details
  • Membership
    • New Guardian/Parent
    • New Member
    • Edit Guardian/Parent Record
    • Edit Childs Record
    • List Guardians/Parents
    • List Children
    • List all Children for an Adult
  • Marketing
    • Birthday Emails
    • Newsletter
    • Welcome to Membership
  • Day Jobs
    • Show Diary
    • Staff Check In and Out
    • Staff Working Today
    • Sell Vouchers
    • Non Member Day Visit
    • Day Log Out
    • Who Is In The House
    • Member Day Visit Log In
  • Admin
    • Capitalise Names of Adults
    • List Staff Hours Worked
    • Enter Special Dates
    • Zero All Membership Points
    • Capitalise Child Records
    • Edit Staff Details
    • Show Day Entry Statistics
  • Accounts
    • View Cash Receipts

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