Why CRM matters

The success and growth of your business will depend upon repeat customers and reputation. It makes sense to offer your current and new customers what they need as they need it, rather than hope that they will come to you.

Sole traders and other small businesses gain the majority of their work from word of mouth recommendations.

Making sure you understand what your customers need and providing that service when they need it is the basis of a sustainable and healthy business

Why not do it all yourself?

If you have expert accountancy skills it may be worth doing your own books and saving the costs of a professional accountant, however, most businesses do best when focusing their efforts on what gives them a competitive advantage and bring in outside expertise, such as accountants, web designers and solicitors, when needed. If you have the time and experience to keep track of all your customer management, including tracking new leads, then outside CRM help might not be needed. However, if your CRM system is a little black book with lots of amendments and computers are not your thing, then Swan Management can help.

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Our unique CRM system ‘Cobble’ can be tailored to meet a wide variety of business needs. As examples current users include:

  • Soft Play Area businesses, where the system manages membership details, cash receipts for entries, party booking, marketing emails and staff hours worked.
  • Rowing clubs, where the system manages training records, training session planning, team management and performance ladders.

More detailed information on ‘Cobble’ can be found here. But please feel free to email an enquiry if you would like a no obligation consultation on how ‘Cobble’ might meet your specific needs.

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